The Gerardi Setting School is considered the best setting school in Italy and Europe.

Followed by more than 110000 people on Instagram, it is one of the world’s best places to study setting in an innovative way.

But let’s see why you choose our Academy to study setting and what makes our setting course so special and unique.First of all, let’s start with the completely practical and individual study method.

In our setting course, only the very latest tools and technology such as GRS spheres AND Trinocular microscopes are used from the very first exercises.

During the course we only learn through the trinocular method, the method for learning the perfect setting, invented by the international master artist Pier Paolo Gerardi. ==see article on the trinocular method here .

But above all, it is the results of the students who have attended the Gerardi setting school that speak for themselves:

The Gerardi setting school is the most followed school in Europe, with over 110000 followers from all over the world.

99% of the students who finish the Gerardi setting school go straight into the world of work as soon as they finish their courses. All the most important brands in the jewellery world look for students coming out of our setting course for their recruitment.

The Gerardi setting school is the only school in Italy where you can learn real setting with gravermax.

99% of the professionals who enter the Gerardi setting school and participate in the Goldsmiths’ Academy courses return their investment within 6 months of finishing the course.

100% of students who complete the microscope setting courses make jewellery of extraordinary quality.

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