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Goldsmithing and Jewellery-making

Students will be supported individually from the beginning, and thanks to a programme developed in over 30 years…

Professional Stone Setting and Microscope Stone Setting

Under individual guidance and using the latest machinery and techniques, students will be able…

Professional Wax micro-modelling

This wonderful course is aimed at anyone who wants to learn how to create jewellery from wax…

Professional Bezels and Claws

This is a comprehensive course that will give the students autonomy in all techniques for mounting precious and semi-precious stones…

Professional CAD-CAM

The course comprises 60 hours of individual lessons and is aimed at anyone interested in designing jewellery…

Professional Engraving

The course is aimed at anyone wanting to learn the ancient and prestigious art of Florentine engraving…

Necklace Threading

A very useful course for learning the main techniques for threading necklaces with beads or coloured stones…


The Lost-wax Microcasting Course is a complete course in which the student will learn all the necessary techniques to…

Professional Bezels and Claws Course

This is a comprehensive course that will give the students autonomy in all techniques for mounting precious and semi-precious stones using bezels and claws. They will practise directly on the frames of various pieces of jewellery: rings, earrings, necklaces with stones of varying sizes and structures. After a series of preparatory exercises teaching the student how to prepare burins and spindles, the student will move onto more specific exercises, getting to grips with the work of a setter. Students will learn various casting techniques working on semi-worked silver items with bezels and claws of different size and structure: tear-drop-shaped, navette, oval, round, emerald-cut, etc.

Hours of lesson: 80

Enrolments are open all year round.

To access the course students do not need any specific knowledge, they will be introduced to jewel making process starting from the basics.

Lesson schedule and attendance modes are completely customizable to the needs of the students, wherever possible.

Standard attendance modes
The course can be completed in 6-8 months, 3 lessons per week, 4 hours per lesson, optionally in the times: 10 am to 2 pm and 3 pm to 7 pm. In 6-8 months, the total amount is 300 hours. Lessons missed for a valid reason can be recovered.


ONE SOLUTION (10% discount)

€ 1.600,00


€ 1.690,00

Cost of every single rate €845,00


€ 1.780,00

Cost of every single rate €445,00

Professional Bezels and Claws Course


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Our Courses

Oreficeria e Gioielleria

Gli allievi saranno seguiti fin dall’inizio individualmente e, grazie ad un programma messo a punto in più di 30 anni di attività…

Incassatura Incastonatura e Microincassatura

Seguiti individualmente, utilizzando macchinari e tecniche di ultima generazione, gli allievi…

Modellazione in cera

Un corso magnifico aperto a tutte quelle persone che desiderano imparare a creare gioielli partendo dalla cera…

Castoni e Griffe

Si tratta di una formazione completa che renderà l’allievo autonomo in tutte quelle tecniche riguardanti la montatura di pietre su castoni e griffe…

Design CAD

Strutturato in 60 ore di lezioni individuali Il corso si rivolge a tutte le persone interessate a disegnare gioielli partendo da un disegno fatto a mano…


Il corso è rivolto a tutte quelle persone che desiderano apprendere l’antica e prestigiosa arte dell’incisione fiorentina attraverso le più antiche…

Infilatura Collane

Un Corso utilissimo per imparare le principali tecniche di infilatura delle collane con perle o pietre di colore e la predisposizione…


Il Corso di Micropressofusione a Cera Persa è un corso completo della durata di 150 ore durante le quali l’allievo imparerà tutte le tecniche necessarie …