Dear student, if you have come this far and are about to read these pages, it means that you are most likely interested in become a professional setter.

Now, before I tell you my story and what led me to create the method of trinocular setting, I want to tell you why the Gerardi Setting School was born.

It all comes from the love for jewelry and vision of a boy who, like you, had a big dream.

The dream of making learning setting open to everyone and training the best setters in the world.

The dream of breaking down the walls of bigotry and to convey to people the will to always seek perfection in their jewels and never give up.

You should know that unfortunately, even today, there they are people who give up on creating something unique because, out of laziness or simple demotivation, they have chosen not to update themselves by continuing to use methodologies and setting techniques from 50 years ago.

Even today, unfortunately, there are people who they don’t use microscopes or learn without them use them.

The Gerardi Setting School was created to forever bring about a radical change in the world of high jewelry.

It was created to convey the philosophy that only through constant updating and the use of the most innovative technologies combined with tradition can one truly achieve maximum success and create THE Future.

But now, I want to tell you my story…

Pier Paolo Gerardi e studenti


My name is Pier Paolo Gerardi, I am the owner and teacher of the Accademia Delle Arti Orafe, the most important Italian goldsmith school, and founder of the Gerardi Setting School, the largest training center for setters in Europe.

First things first though, I’m a researcher and a innovator.

In fact, you must know that all of mine life has been dedicated to researching the best setting techniques.

A path that is anything but easy, considering that in the past it was very difficult, if not impossible, to find teachers in Italy willing to share their secrets.

Although my first teacher (one of the best setters in Rome) taught in my Academy, founded by my father, I immediately realized that this knowledge was not enough for me if I really wanted to create something innovative.

I therefore decided to embark on a long journey, choosing to dedicate my entire life to the constant search for perfection.

I studied, experimented and looked everywhere for techniques and tools that I could combine into my broader vision.

Because on every trip, wherever I went, I realized that creation can only be achieved through constant research and innovation.

My goal was to create a method of completely practical study, which I would allow my students to become the best setters in the world in the most short time as possible.

Thus, after years of research, I managed to revolutionize my concept of teaching and create my own method, what I call “The Trinocular Setting Method”.

The Trinocular method is the result of years of experiments and contains my essence and vision of the jewel.

But now I don’t want to talk to you about myself anymore, because I think they have to be the results of the
my students to talk.

Over the last 10 years I have trained hundreds of professional setters:

✅ 99% of my students successfully entered the world of work as soon as they finished the course.

✅ 99% of the professionals who participated in the intensive specialization weeks perfected their technique and returned from the investment within
first 6 months after the end of the course.

✅ 100% of the school’s students created jewelry of extraordinary quality.

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