The Diamond Pavé Technique

The pavé of diamonds is a surface with many small diamonds set very close together.

The arrangement used in this technique is called ” a floor” and serves to increase the way in which the light reflects the precious stone, so as to greatly amplify the brilliance and change its optical perception. Indeed, the surface of a jewel is embellished with a pavè, with a completely different visual perception, making it look bigger and brighter.

This setting technique is mainly used with diamonds, and is one of the main prerogatives of high jewelry.

How is a pavé made?

With a drill bit you make a hole that will later be adapted according to the stones with various ball burrs. Then with a tool called graver you go to cut the metal to create spurs around the hole. The spurs are the elements that will block the stone, after which the latter will be finished with instruments called grain tools. The grain tools act as a fundamental instrument, the half sphere that is created above the spur gives the shine to the whole jewel, thanks to the light that reflects above. The work of the setter, needs extreme meticulousness and precision, the more a setter is skilled, the more he will be able to put the stones very close to each other. So less metal will be left between one stone and another, and morethe pavé will be of quality and will create a continuous and homogeneous surface.

An important update that facilitates the work of the Enclosures, also increasing their quality, is the Binocular Microscope that allows the embedding of very small stones even below the millimeter, reducing processing times and increasing precision.

Where is the pavé used in jewelery?

The pavé of diamonds is one of the foundations of high jewelery. The use we make of it in fine jewelry is very varied, in fact, whether they are pendants, earrings, necklaces, rings, any jewel can be enriched with the pavé technique to increase its value and beauty.

Where to study setting?

In our jewelery school, the course of setting and micro-setting has always represented excellence. To learn this technique from the first days of lessons you will be followed with our very special method and in a completely individual way.

High-precision instruments like the setter binocular microscope will be used immediately. You will learn how to make many types of pavè, becoming complete masters and ready to work in any desired or requested area in the world of setting and high jewelery.

Proof of this is the fact that in the laboratories of the most famous high jewelery brands in the world, our former students are always present to work as highly prepared and specialized setters.


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