The Goldsmith and Jewelery courses

“For the future leaders of the fabulous world of gold”

Our courses are aimed at those who want to become a professional and work in the world of jewelry. All courses start from the base and follow a path that aims to make each student a complete professional.

What differentiates our courses from all the others in Italy are the numerous hours of practice in which each student is followed individually. These hours make each journey UNIQUE AND COMPLETE. (Even more than 350 hours for each professional course you choose).

Thanks to this, our students beat the competition and position themselves at the top of the hiring rankings by being hired daily by the most important Italian and international jewelry brands.

Goldsmithing and Jewellery-making Course

Students will be supported individually from the beginning, and thanks to a programme developed in over 30 years of activity they will become skilled…

Professional Stone Setting and Microscope Stone Setting Course

Under individual guidance and using the latest machinery and techniques, students will be able to work autonomously as professional stone setters…

Professional Wax micro-modelling Course

This wonderful course is aimed at anyone who wants to learn how to create jewellery from wax. Under individual guidance, students will have….

Professional Course of Jewel Design

Drawing is the foundation of every art based profession that aims at having a final piece, that can be felt, worn or simply admired. It is the tool that every artist uses to visualize, on paper, ideas inspired from the outside world and from his/her very own creativity

Professional CAD-CAM Jewellery Design Course

The course comprises 60 hours of individual lessons and is aimed at anyone interested in designing jewellery, starting with a handmade design…

Professional Engraving Course

The course is aimed at anyone wanting to learn the ancient and prestigious art of Florentine engraving using the most ancient and modern techniques, equipping the student with…

Enamel Professional Course

A rare opportunity not to be missed for our students here at the academy. The prestigious art of enamels will be the focus of our new course. Lasting 30 hours, enamels are the perfect way to express art and creativity.

Professional Bezels and Claws Course

This is a comprehensive course that will give the students autonomy in all techniques for mounting precious and semi-precious stones using bezels and claws…

Microcasting Course

The Lost-wax Microcasting Course is a complete course in which the student will learn all the necessary techniques to prepare wax models…

Necklace Threading Course

A very useful course for learning the main techniques for threading necklaces with beads or coloured stones and attaching various fastenings and clasps…

Professional Course to create your wedding rings.

For whoever wants to make the most important day of their life, or their engagement, unforgettable and wonderful, the Accademia Delle Arti Orafe offers the possibility to create your own wedding rings, symbol of love and loyalty.

Gravermax Course

Course where you will learn advanced techniques of setting and micro-setting, using the automatic gravermax grainer, Grs sphere, biocular and Trinocular optical microscopes…

Applied Gemology Course

The Applied Gemology Course, conceived by the Academy of Goldsmiths, is the first course in Rome created specifically for goldsmiths and jewelers who want to operate independently in the sector.

Mokume Gane

The ancient Japanese technique of mokume gane relives in a fantastic course in our Academy.

History of Jewelry

This fantastic course has as its educational objectives, the analysis of the evolution path of the goldsmith’s item from its origins to the present day