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Course of Mokume-Gane Professional

If you are passionate about jewelry and wish to explore ancient techniques that can transform your art into unique masterpieces, our Professional Mokume-Gane Course is the perfect choice for you.

This exclusive course, offered at our Academy, introduces you to the ancient Japanese technique of Mokume-Gane, a practice dating back to the 17th century, capable of creating extraordinary visual effects and unparalleled pieces of jewelry.

Mokume-Gane, literally “wood grain metal,” takes its name from its characteristic veins that resemble natural wood. This technique was initially developed to decorate samurai swords but over time has been adapted to jewelry, becoming synonymous with refinement and elegance.

Unlike traditional techniques, Mokume-Gane does not require soldering to join metals; instead, it uses a homogeneous fusion that allows for unique and fascinating patterns. This makes each piece not just a jewel, but a true unique work of art.

What You Will Learn:

History and Tradition of Mokume-Gane: Start with a solid theoretical foundation, exploring the origins and evolution of this fascinating technique. Discover how Mokume-Gane transitioned from samurai swords to contemporary jewelry, retaining its essence and charm.

Materials and Working Methods: Deepen your knowledge of the different metals used in Mokume-Gane, learning to select and prepare them correctly. Understand how the properties of each metal influence the final result and how to combine them to achieve surprising visual effects.

Fusion and Forging Techniques: The practical part of the course will teach you to fuse metals without exceeding their melting point, maintaining the distinctive characteristics of each element. Learn to forge and compress metals into sheets or bars ready to be transformed into jewelry.

Jewelry Design and Creation: Put your knowledge into practice by creating different types of jewelry, such as rings, pendants, and bracelets. Under the careful guidance of our masters, experiment with various design and processing techniques, developing your unique and personal style.

Finishing and Details: The beauty of Mokume-Gane lies in the details. Learn how to finish your pieces, enhancing the veins and patterns that make each jewel an unrepeatable work of art. Attention to detail is what transforms good work into a masterpiece.

Peculiarities and Facets of Mokume-Gane: Delve into the unique characteristics of this technique, exploring how to create ever-different and fascinating patterns. Discover how the natural veins of the metal can give life to jewelry that seems to have its own soul.


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Why Choose our Mokume-Gane Course?

Experiential and Practical Learning: Our course is structured to offer an immersive and practical learning experience. Each lesson is designed to get your hands on, allowing you to experiment and immediately apply the techniques learned.

Guided by Industry Experts: Our masters are expert craftsmen with years of experience in working with Mokume-Gane. They will be at your disposal to guide you step by step, providing personalized advice and sharing trade secrets that you won’t find in any book.

Creative and Inspiring Environment: Our Academy is a place where art and creativity are at the heart of everything. Surrounded by other enthusiasts and a stimulating atmosphere, you will find the inspiration to bring your most ambitious ideas to life.

History of Mokume-Gane

Mokume-Gane is a metalworking technique that has its roots in 17th century Japan. It was developed by Denbei Shoami, a sword craftsman who sought to reproduce the look of wood on metal. Originally used to decorate the guards of samurai swords, Mokume-Gane was later adapted to jewelry, where it found a new expressive dimension.

The technique involves the joining of layers of different metals, such as copper, silver, and gold, without exceeding their melting point. This process creates a metal sheet with veins reminiscent of wood. Once this sheet is obtained, the craftsman can work it, forge it, and shape it into various types of jewelry, maintaining the fascinating natural veins intact.

The Art of Mokume-Gane in Modern Jewelry

Today, Mokume-Gane is a highly appreciated technique in the field of artistic jewelry. Each piece made with this technique is unique, thanks to the unrepeatable patterns created by the veins of the metals. This uniqueness makes Mokume-Gane an ideal choice for personalized jewelry, such as engagement rings, wedding bands, and commemorative jewelry.

During our course, you will have the opportunity to explore all stages of creating a Mokume-Gane jewel. From selecting the metals to fusion, from forging to finishing, each step will be a creative adventure guided by our experts. Discover how to transform simple metals into masterpieces that tell a story of tradition, innovation, and timeless beauty.


Join us and become a master of Mokume-Gane, learning to create jewelry that not only adorns but enchants and inspires. Discover the power of this ancient art and let your creativity take shape in a unique and fascinating way.


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