Taking care of our jewellery is very important, because although they are metal objects characterised by great resistance, they are by no means indestructible. In fact, it is essential to take care of them and give them proper maintenance to prevent them from becoming damaged over time.

Jewellery can get dirty, oxidised, stained, scratched or dented, and it is therefore essential to give it the right care to keep it shiny and beautiful over time.

Here are some simple rules that will help us keep our jewellery clean:

— The storage space for our jewellery is very important, always keep them in the appropriate boxes or in a silk or velvet bag, obviously each piece of jewellery should be separated from another to avoid scratches and dents.

— Avoid exposing them to chlorine or sea water, which can damage them in some cases.

— Avoid contact with chemical products, including perfumes .

— Always wear jewellery of the right size, or you risk damaging or losing it. If they are too big, we absolutely advise against using ring reducers, i.e. metal bands that are inserted before the rings. These will end up scratching the inside of them completely.

Treat jewellery set with precious stones with even more care, as these (even diamonds) are delicate and could be chipped.

Types of jewellery :

Silver jewellery : these jewels require a lot of care, their most common problem is oxidation, which is yes, a natural process, but by applying proper maintenance it can be eliminated or at least slowed down a lot. Another method used to prevent oxidation is galvanic baths, such as silver plating or rhodium plating, a bath in which a patina is created on the jewel that will slow this process down a lot and increase its value by giving it more importance being the colour we find in white gold jewellery (also rhodium plated).

Gold jewellery : normally these jewels do not require less care than silver jewellery, in principle you just need to apply the rules we have already written above.

How to clean one’s jewellery ?

How to clean your jewellery at home : A home-made and safe method to clean your jewellery in complete autonomy at home.

What you need :

— Warm water
— Basin
— Dishwashing detergent or squeegee.
— Toothbrush with soft bristles
— Clean cloth

Procedure :

Fill a basin with lukewarm water and add dish soap (we have found over the years that it is the best and the one that leaves the least stains once the jewellery has dried).

Place our jewellery in the basin with soap and leave it for about ten minutes. Finally, with the toothbrush, rub your jewellery gently
and rinse and dry carefully.

If we apply this simple procedure to our jewellery every 1-2 months, we can ensure that our jewellery remains as shiny and beautiful as on the first day for a long time.

Professional jewellery polishing course

The professional jewellery polishing course is a workshop already integrated into our basic and professional jewellery and fine jewellery courses.

In fact, from the very first lessons, our master goldsmiths will teach all the best jewellery techniques and secrets to create jewellery with a unique lustre.

The student will learn to master all the modern and antique machinery and tools that are indispensable for perfect jewellery polishing.

They will also learn how to assess their lustre so that they can pass the quality criteria and controls of even the most important and demanding brands.

The student coming out of one of our goldsmithing and fine jewellery courses will learn to make jewellery with a unique lustre and shine.

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