How do you create a jewel? To answer this question, we must first trace the history of the jewel, in fact the processing of gold and silver and other precious metals is a very ancient art, which dates back to times older than the Mesopotamians.

The jewels constitute a fundamental trace for the reconstruction of the history of man, through its beliefs and its superstitions its customs and its economic structures its technological knowledge and its aesthetic interests.

Now let’s see the various essential points for creating a jewel.

Jewelery design

Like any work of art also for the creation of a jewel, the first step that must be done is that of drawing. In fact, the initial phase sees the goldsmith or the designer, putting the customer’s requests on paper and defining his wishes in this way.

Before moving on to the realization, we need to define the weights, the design of the jewel, the measurements and only once these steps have been made can we proceed to its creation.

This initial phase can also be done directly using 3D technology and computer programs such as those used during Rhinoceros for jewelry.

“Taking a course in Rhinoceros or a Jewelery Design course in our Academy you will learn how to make any kind of jewel, create your own line and send it into production. ”

Choice of Material : Metals and stones.

Precious metals: Once the design phase is complete, the precious metal needed to make the jewel must be chosen. This is a very important point for both the customer and the seller, in fact it is a choice that greatly affects the final price. In Italy, the title is usually 750 for gold jewelry and 925 for silver jewelry.

Precious stones :

If included in the design, the choice of stones is one of the most beautiful and stimulating parts in the creation of a jewel. Depending on the client’s budget, the seller will have to recommend various possibilities, divided by color, quality, purity and cut.

“For anyone who wants to make jewelery with precious stones, we recommend taking part in one of our applied gemology courses, which will allow anyone working in the sector to be able to work in total safety, learning all the basics of creating jewelery with precious stones.”

Creation :

This part can basically be done using 3 main techniques. The technique of wax modeling, the technique of jewelery and pure fine jewelery, the creation of a resin or wax prototype through 3D printers.

Wax modeling technique:

Now let’s see what the wax modeling technique is and what a student is taught in a wax modeling course.

The advantage that we have creating a jewel directly from the wax is that of being able to create very complex shapes that can be modified with very high precision in a very short time. This process is particularly suitable for the production of microsculptures and jewels with organic shapes.

Before being melted and transformed into a jewel, we have the opportunity to know the weight of the metal through the weight of the prototype and thus have the opportunity to develop an accurate estimate and present it to the customer.

The techniques that are learned in a professional Lost wax course are multiple and different for the type of jewel that you want to achieve. The teaching method we adopt is individual. Students from the first lessons begin to create their own lines.

At the end of the path they are able to make any type of jewel.

High Jewelery :

What is the technique of high jewelery and what is taught to a student in a professional jewelery course in the Accademia Delle Arti Orfe.

The Goldsmith is a jewelery artist who must be able to create, refine, restructure, repair any type of antique or modern jewelery.

Starting from the pure metal, through the phases of fusion and modeling the goldsmith creates unique jewels.

Our program is revised every year according to the trends and fashions that the market imposes, it includes techniques in high classical jewelery, high modern jewelery techniques and our experimental goldsmith techniques. Secrets that we have developed over almost half a century of activity.

Our courses are taught by the best Italian goldsmith artists, masters with over thirty years of experience who put all their passion at the student’s disposal. The intensive courses of the Academy allow, in a very short time, to learn the main basic and advanced techniques of each subject.

The thing that makes our courses unique is our special teaching method. We adopt a unique system, whereby students are followed individually with extreme care.

The future success of our students is also our greatest success.

Realization of a jewel from a resin or wax prototype through 3D printers.

Once you have designed the jewel through the RHINOCEROS software, you send the drawing to print, what comes out is a perfect copy in resin or wax.

The fusion process will be the same as for the jewelery made in lost wax.

Finally the jewels will have to be finished, set and polished. We will see these techniques in detail in the next articles.

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