The history of engagement rings

The history of the engagement ring is rich in meaning. In fact, when you make an engagement ring you are not making a simple piece of jewellery, but a symbol that hides centuries-old legends and traditions.

Let us now trace the origin of the story of this timeless pledge of love.

Since antiquity, the gift of a ring has sealed a promise of love between two people, and it was in Roman culture that this custom became firmly established.

In Roman times, in fact, the tradition of wearing a ring on the left hand became widespread, since in antiquity it was believed that a small vein, also known as the ‘Vena Amoris’, flowing to the heart started from this.

This is just one of the many theories trying to trace back to the reason for the choice of the left hand.

In fact, according to some historians, it derives from ancient rituals in Catholic culture. It was thought that the celebrant at a wedding would touch the 3 fingers of the left hand and after doing so, place the ring on the 4th finger of the same hand.

When did diamonds begin to be set in engagement rings?

This tradition of giving a diamond-set ring dates back to 1477, to the occasion when Maximilian of Austria, in order to promise marriage to Maria of Borgondia, gave him a beautiful ring with a diamond set on it.

This custom has remained unchanged over the centuries, just think that nowadays 80% of the jewellery given as a wedding promise has a diamond set on it, symbolising the representation of eternal love.

The most classic pieces of jewellery used for engagement are the riviera, the solitaire and the trilogy, which with its composition of gemstones in threes is meant to symbolise ‘Today, Yesterday and Tomorrow’.

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