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Jewellery school in Italy 

The Accademia Delle Arti Orafe is the most important and the first jewellery school born in Italy since 1983 on an idea by the artist Salvatore Gerardi, and is considered the reference point in Italy and in Europe for those who want to work in the world of High Jewellery and Stone Setting. In these 40 years our students have worked for the most important brands in the world of fine jewellery, including: Bulgari, Cartier, Tiffany, Damiani, Van Cleef, Buccellati and many others.

Many former students have become entrepreneurs and have opened jewelers, goldsmiths, or independent brands, coming to make jewels for stars of international music and cinema. It is no coincidence that from a study carried out over the last 7 years, we found that 94% of our students find work after completing the Academy.

As evidence of their successes, 100% positive 5-star reviews available on the web.


Because our programs are unique in the world, the result of 40 years of continuous research and constant dialogue with the big names in the fashion/jewelry sector, many of which have become our official partners over the years. Thanks to this continuous exchange of ideas, we have created a completely practical study method which provides students with a preparation capable of satisfying the most demanding standards and which allows those who finish their courses and want to embark on a career in the company, to always position themselves at the top positions in the recruitment rankings.

Jewellery school


Our secret to guaranteeing this very high level of preparation lies in technological innovation and in the hundreds of hours of practice, in which each student is followed in a completely individual way, this is what characterizes and makes our courses unique. These hours combined with the innovative technologies of the school allow each of our students to achieve excellence and create jewels of extraordinary quality.

More than 300 hours for each professional course you choose to take. Hours of practice that are indispensable if you really want to pursue a career in our sector and start your working future as a complete professional and not as a simple hobbyist.


In our academy we like to think that we are people before an institution, because only within a family and serene atmosphere will they be able to better develop their skills and become complete professionals / artists.

In our school each student is unique and important, art for us is passion, art for us is love.

Stone setting course in our goldsmith school

5 out of 5 stars from over 307 Reviews from the web

100% Positive Reviews

We are the best-reviewed jewellery school in Italy, with a rating of 5 out of 5 stars out of over 300 reviews from the web.